Cinema is one of the few art forms that can transcend boarders, influence cultures and change the minds and hearts of audiences around the world. At Nicalex Productions we develop and produce original work that has been officially selected at various film festivals. Our work has has over 30,000 views on YouTube through our partnership with SonduckFilm.


Corporate and social media videos are essential for engaging with your audience. Not only do videos keep your consumers on your site longer, but they help to build brand loyalty. People like to work with people, through video your customers can get to know you and your brand.


We believe every story is important, especially love stories. When two people marry their worlds together that is a monumental occasion. A couple's wedding day flies by, we strive to capture all of the moments that you may miss. Our videos will have you laughing and cryi8ng all the same time.


Photos speak a thousand words. It is imperative to have professional photos on your website because they represent you and your brand. Photos are also versatile assets for marketing your brand or service. Additionally photos can help you rank better on Google.